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The EBM Guarantee

Our crew is committed to helping our customers by any means necessary. We intend to keep our customers happy with our services and hope to do business again. That is why here at EBM we are adamant about our customer service. All of our technicians are prepared to do whatever it takes to finish the job from start to finish. With EBM customers can feel confident that any job will be done in a timely fashion, will be handled with professionalism and courtesy. 

Professional Tile & Grout
Professional Tile & Grout

Floor Cleaning Services

The Process

Our experienced technicians will first assess the Tile & Groutand will plan accordingly for the task ahead of them. They will first apply a non harmful, eco-friendly chemical to lift all bacteria and dirt to the surface. Second, a technician will will go over the floor with a deep scrubbing/extraction machine. The machine Rinses, Scrubs and Extracts all in one pass. Then, they will mop the area with a cleaning agent to pick up and clean any excess dirt or chemicals. Once the area dries, a technician will go over and apply a seal to the Tile & GroutThe seal insures that your Tile & Grout will be protected from dirt and bacteria collecting frequently. 

The Science

Have you ever been unsatisfied with your floors after mopping them? It can be very frustrating knowing that no matter what you do they still don't seem to shine like they once did. Over time your tile can collect dirt, germs and bacteria. These germs can prove to be harmful. Being that Grout is a porous material, dirt and bacteria can hide in the blemishes. A simple mopping isn't enough to eliminate the bacteria. With the proper chemicals and tools, the experienced crew at EBM is more then capable and willing to assist in bringing your Tile floors back to life. 

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